The Strato emulator is the successor to Skyline and a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android. For now, it is at an early stage of development, so the build must be assembled independently via a PC and Android Studio; step by step instructions are in GitHub.

Meanwhile, YouTuber EZOnTheEyes tested the Strato with several games, one of which was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The author of the video states that if before the game often crashed, now he calmly plays for 30 minutes until some errors appear, for example, transparent textures of hands and weapons. Also, the FPS drop is minimal, at some points there are 30 frames.

With Rocket League, almost everything is fine – a stable 30 FPS, but there are graphical artifacts that make it difficult to sit in this game for a long time.

A game Yooka-Laylee also shows 30 FPS. It also contains artifacts, but much smaller. The project can be called almost playable, if not for the frequent darkening of locations, as if the Sun was constantly hiding behind the clouds.


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