Arknights: Endfield is a cross-platform game that will be released on iOS, Android and PC. It has manual controls and spacious, albeit corridor, locations. Players will travel through them together with NPC assistants.

Based on the gameplay shown, it seems as if the developers of Arknights: Endfield took inspiration from Death Stranding. For example, they can freely place new objects on the bases and, possibly, outside them. It can be assumed that other players will be able to use them.

Before battles, the player selects a group of 4 characters, but you can control one at a time. Moreover, unlike Genshin Impact, all heroes fight at the same time, and do not wait for their turn.

And instead of the farm simulator Arknights: Endfield there will be a simulator of high-tech buildings that generate energy, resources and even equipment.

For now, a Chinese release of Endfield is expected, since the interface in the video is in Chinese. Also, the developers are not yet ready to show the mobile version and what graphics it will have.


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