1C Game Studios shared a visual of a future project based on the “Tales of Old Rus’” universe and showed two characters: Vasilisa the Wise and the swamp monster. Let us remind you that the Russian studio is in full swing developing a series of games based on the “SSR”, the first of which will be a story-based card roguelike in the spirit of Slay the Spire. The game’s release is scheduled for 2024.

Developers announced a series of games in the universe of “Tales of Old Rus’” quite recently – in March 2023. Then they shared that they were working together with the author of the universe, Roman Papsuev, and looking for artists to the team. At that time, the future game was only at the “prototype stage,” but 1C Game Studios assured that they would manage to complete the project on time.

The community’s opinion on the future project is very mixed. Some are simply happy with the development of events and are waiting for news, while others complain about the large amount of copy-paste in Roman Papsuev’s works. His characters are too reminiscent of characters from WoW, Warhammer and TESO.

In addition, it is not very clear how the developers plan to finish the game in such a short time – as of October 2023, it is still at an early stage of development.


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